The Eritrean Muslims Council (EMC) will be holding its 14th annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia USA on July 13-17, 2016, In Sha Allah. This year’s convention has a special focus – supporting the Atlanta community’s goal of building a local center!! 


We can’t think of a better way of building a community than helping a local Eritrean Muslim community purchase a property that can be used for building camaraderie, community events, and continued civic engagement. As you know EMC was established in 2003 with a mission to empower Eritrean Muslim Communities, and after 13 years of building our communities across the United States and Canada we would like to focus our efforts to building the future of EMC communities, literally.


The EMC and its projects exists because of the generous donations by its members who believe in the vision of empowering Eritrean Muslims. Please support us in our Atlanta project by making a donation. Not amount is too small.  In Sha Allah, together we can meet our goal of funding the first Eritrean Muslim-owned community center in North America!!!



Almaz Ahmed-Falol, EMC Chair



This project has concluded in August 2017. Thank you for your generous donations.