Convention 2015: Dallas, TX

EMC Convention 2015 - Day 1

EMC Convention 20115 was hosted in the sunny city of Dallas, Texas.

EMC Convention 2015 - Around Dallas

The sunny city of Dallas, TX was gorgeous at night so convention attendees took a stroll through the city.

Convention 2014: Toronto, Canada

EMC Convention 2014 - Day 1

EMC Convention 2014 hosted in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada. Over 400 people attended the first day of events. Events included: Opening Session, Cultural Night, & Entertainment Night

EMC Convention 2014 - Day 2

General Session, Workshops, Bazaar, and Youth Activities

EMC Youth Leadership Retreat

Fun times kayaking, hiking and leadership workships with EMC Youth members

EMC Young Professionals Networking

Young Professionals Networking Event - Friday 8/8/2014

EMC Photobooth

Strike a pose EMC members!

EMC Picnic

Annual Picnic during the final day of the EMC Convention. Over 1000 EMC members in one location eating good food and enjoying great company!

EMC Kids

Check out the cute Eritrean Kids at the convention!


Photos taken of City of Toronto.


Convention 2013: Bay Area, CA


Convention 2011: Seattle, WA