In 2001, a group of Eritrean Muslims gathered in Toronto, Canada to discuss how they could contribute to organizing and empowering the Eritrean Muslim community in North America. They believed in preserving the cultural and Islamic heritage of our community and in facilitating cooperation and collaboration between all the local Eritrean Muslim community organizations in North America and elsewhere. After about a year-long discussion, the Eritrean Muslims Council was created, to be officially launched a year later at a general conference in Washington, DC.

EMC Vision:

An empowered Eritrean Muslim Community.

EMC Mission:

To enable Eritrean Muslims to thrive by connecting, educating, & supporting each other globally.

Our Leadership

The Eritrean Muslims Council is governed by a Board of Directors whose members are elected at the annual convention. The Board is EMC’s highest authority in-between conventions. The Board develops and approves all EMC’s policies, activities, and projects. The  Board elects a team of executive officers, referred to as the Executive Committee,  from among its members to serve for a period of one year.  The executive committee implements projects and activities approved by the Board.