When was EMC formed?

The organization was formally launched during a two-day conference on July 19-20, 2003, in Alexandria, Virginia.

How do I become a member of EMC?

Anyone who is Eritrean and a Muslim can be a member of EMC.  Go to www.erimc.org and complete the membership form.

How can I find out more about EMC’s projects and/or committees?

Many EMC projects are listed on the EMC website. If you want additional information or would like to begin a new project, please contact EMC at [email protected]

How are EMC projects funded? Are all EMC transactions open to the membership and easily accessible?

All EMC projects are specifically funded and supported by voluntary participation and donations for that specific project.  Any member can request access to EMC transactions and other pertinent information.

Who finances the activities of EMC?

EMC members voluntarily donate to support the various activities and programs the organization holds at a local and national level.

Can I send money?

No, we do not accept any financial help, unless it is requested and tagged for a specific project.

What is the EMC Annual Convention?

The annual convention is the premier event that EMC hosts, typically in the summertime. It is an annual gathering of members from all over North America, Canada, and sometimes from abroad. Convention activities include a two-day youth camp, Islamic speakers, workshop sessions, entertainment night, professional networking, and a matrimonial banquet   It is also the time that the executive board provides its annual report on the activities of the organization. Reports on the following topics are provided:

  • Finance
  • EMC committee progress
  • Strategy planning
  • Upcoming future projects
  • Leadership elections.
  • Any proposals to amend the by-laws are brought to all members

Is EMC a political party?

No, and we do not plan to be one in the future either. Our focus is strictly on building up our capacity as a community.

What is EMC’s relationship with other community organizations?

EMC strives to forge partnerships and alliances with diverse community organizations that share the same values and principles as EMC.

Does EMC support or oppose the Eritrean Government?

EMC, as an organization, does not take a stand on opposing or supporting any political party or government.  Its members, like any other Eritreans, are free to support or oppose a political party or government.  The views of the members do not necessarily represent EMC’s views.  However, EMC may on occasions take a stand on specific actions, incidents, or laws anywhere that impact Eritrean Muslims.

What is EMC’s relationship with Eritrean opposition organizations?

There are no relationships with opposition organizations. EMC functions as an independent community organization focused on strengthening Eritrean Muslim communities.

How can I help?

Become an active member of EMC, and participate in the projects and committees for the betterment of all Eritrean Muslims worldwide. Interested in volunteering? reach out to us at [email protected]