Southern California EMA Recognizes Parents

Categories: Local Communities


On April 6, 2014, the Southern California EMA had its customary monthly summer picnic.  It was a heartwarming, beautiful and joyous gathering of about 200 people. The members of the EMC California Youth group planned and dedicated this picnic to the parents of the community at large. They called the event: “Parent Appreciation Day.”

The picnic took place at William Peak Park in Buena Park, California.  The youth barbecued chicken, hotdogs, and fish, serving the food and drinks to all young and old with a smile.  It was a lot of fun for the whole community.

The youth thanked the whole community for their dedication in establishing and maintaining EMA for over 30 years. They recognized EMA’s importance in creating unity, collaboration, and a sense of belonging for the whole community.  They also recognized their parents’ sacrifice in trying to provide a better life and future for their children by working hard and fostering a sense of pride in their identity as Eritrean Muslims.

For many of us who are active participants and parents in the community, it brought tears to our eyes to see the children appreciating the work that has been done by all volunteers every year to plan the gatherings and yearly activities for the EMA community including our Ramadan and Eid celebrations.

I am so very proud of all and every one of these young adults.  May Allah bless them and keep them safe

Guest post by Hana Abdurahaman