EMC 2015 Convention Agenda

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Youth Leadership Retreat: Register!

  • Team Building and Leadership Activities
  • Camp Fire and Social Time



  • Registration
  • Jummah Prayer
  • Opening Session: Understanding Why We’re Here
  • “What My Type 1 Diabetes Taught Me About Living Righteously” by Yusuf Nuru
  • The Practice and Discipline of Listening- Panel Discussion
  • Exclusive Youth Program (ages 7-14 & 15-18 )
  • Networking, Dinner and Maghrib
  • Matrimonial Event 

Location: Brighter Horizons Academy, 3145 Medical Plaza Dr, Garland, TX 75044





  • Breakfast and Registration
  • Getting Inspired for the Day, featuring Sh. Ismael Mukhtar
  • Breakout Workshop Sessions
    • ‘Crucial Conversations ”
    • Family can be a source of both great happiness and real pain. In all of this, it can be difficult to maintain healthy relationships with the ones you love. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss how we can use crucial conversations and communication techniques to maintain our ties to parents, siblings, relatives while keeping true to yourself.
    • ‘Preventative Care 101: Having the Right Conversations with our Physicians’
    • More and more, today’s patients are playing an active role in their health care. Patients and doctors work closely together to achieve the best possible level of health care. An important part of this partnership is clear communication. Asking the right questions-and obtaining quality information about prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery-help ensure safety, prevent errors, and improve health. This workshop will deep dive into how you can make the best of your conversations with your physicians for the greatest level of preventative care.Facilitator: Abdul Kareem Blatta/Almaz Ahmed FalolCommittee Sponsor: Health Group
    • How to Deal with Islamophobia?
    • By popular demand of the Dallas Community… In the wake of an intense wave of anti-Muslim sentiment on the national airwaves, this workshop seeks to empower our Eritrean Muslim communities with the tools they need to promote understanding and confront anti-Muslim sentiment effectively and productively. During this workshop, we will explore the definition and roots of Islamophobia, as well as how fear and ignorance make rational people believe irrational things. We will also share tools for engaging media professionals and public officials in order to build relationships and help inform policy and public discussions.Facilitator: Sister Naima Mohamed
    • How to Communicate with Your Employer about your next promotion 
    • Today’s market has its ups and downs, but being both confident and prepared is key. The purpose of this workshop is provide support to both those who are just entering the work field as well as seasoned professionals on how they can have the right conversations with their employers to ensure optimal career success.

Committee Sponsor: Professional Development

Facilitator: Heba Habib/Dr. Kamal

  • Dhuhr Prayer, Lunch and Networking


  • Main Stage: Candid Discussion on Marriage by Sh. Yassir Fazaga
  • Breakout Workshop Sessions
  • Asr Prayer


  • Main Session: Doing Your Part to Bridge the Gap
  • Maghrib Prayer and Dinner
  • Entertainment Night
  • Professional Networking Event (on-site registration)

Location: Brighter Horizons Academy, 3145 Medical Plaza Dr, Garland, TX 75044



  • BBQ and Picnic at the Park
  • Connecting with the Dallas Community

Location:Brighter Horizons Academy, 3145 Medical Plaza Dr, Garland, TX 75044