Convention Administration

EMC has the sole right on the EMC Convention. EMC Convention Preparation Committee (CPC) is responsible for all of the affairs of the EMC Convention. Please follow guidelines given by the convention staff

Program Schedule

It is our intent to strictly enforce the program time schedule. Programs and sessions will start and end at the specified time so please be on time. We expect participation from everyone. However, speak only one person at a time as allowed by the facilitators.



No selling of any products or items, or fundraising of any type is allowed in any of the Convention venues unless officially permitted by EMC.


Safety and Security

Safety and security of all participants is the utmost importance of the EMC. To that effect, everyone is required to adhere to the rules and regulations of the facilities and venue including hotels. Furthermore, parents are to make sure that their children obey these rules and regulations and stay within the designated areas of the facilities. Everyone is to restrain from making excessive noises and disturbances in the conferences or hotels. Parents are requested to keep their children with them at all time, unless they are properly handed-over to event facilitators where the children are attending. Baby-sitting is available for kids under 12.


Audio & Visual Recording

No recording is allowed whether it’s sound, video or picture without written permission from the EMC. EMC will be recording conference activities using audio and visual means. EMC will use the recorded material for its website, publications and promotions. If you wish not to be photographed, please gently inform the recording staff.


Rights and Responsibilities

Attendees are required to adhere to the rules and regulations of EMC and these guidelines. All presentation materials developed for the purpose of the Convention are the properties of EMC. EMC is not responsible or liable for the conduct of any of the attendees or content of any of the presenters. No distribution of any material is allowed without written approval from EMC Board. EMC reserve the right to deny, restrict, reject, or eject any attendee of the conferences for any reason.