Message from EMC Chair

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ASA EMC Members,
The past year it has been my pleasure to serve as the EMC Chair.   I, along with the executive team, with whom I work very closely with, are dedicated to improving EMC by sustaining its growth.  One of the goals that we are currently focused on is improving our communications to our members.  As an organization that spans across the United States and Canada, one of the largest challenges that the board and I face is figuring out how we can effectively communicate the activities of EMC to all of our members. One solution to the challenge is a website.
I am excited to announce that EMC is relaunching its website!  The purpose of the website is to keep our members informed of past and current activities and allow for our members to connect with each other.  We are launching the website today, with the expectation of enhancing its functionality and purpose.  We welcome any feedback on ways to improve and make better use of the website.  This website is designed to be a tool to connect our members together.
I want to thank the hard work of the developers Aman Abdulahim (Bay Area, CA) and Akrem Osman (Chicago) who provided their website designing skills to EMC.   May Allah bless them for their efforts.
Camilia Aberra,
EMC Chair