EMC Women’s Camp

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This past Mother’s Day weekend, 49 women of Southern and Northern California decided to treat themselves to a fun weekend camping trip in Alpine Meadows, California, an idea that exceeded their expectations in so many ways.

Muna AbdulQader, chair of the EMA Women’s group in Southern California, said that the trip was an opportunity for the women to get away, have fun, and take a break from their routine lives at home.

The theme of the trip was: Taking Care of Yourself as a Woman, and covered the topic of self-care from a physical, spiritual, psychological level. The aim was to help the women learn how to balance their life, exchange ideas and experiences, as well as hit on hot community topics like marriage for their sons and daughters.

The groups rented buses to reach their destination, armed with their sleeping bags and overnight necessities for a weekend in the camp cabins. Many women were going camping for the first time in their lives, while others were more experienced. It was also a unique chance to see snow. To help the women get to know each other better, they played ice breakers games and broke into discussion groups. All the meals from breakfast to dinner were provided at the camp, giving the women a much needed break from preparing and serving others.

Activities at the camp ranged from outdoor hiking, jump rope, swings, a bonfire and a BBQ. The women enjoyed playing cultural childhood games together like handai, cards, and hide and seek. Of course, there was also an elaborate traditional coffee ceremony with popcorn, candies and sweets.

“We did so many things that were beneficial, alhamdullilah. This was our first experience and very successful. I am looking forward to next year,” said Muna.

Leila Abubaker from the Northern California community attended the camp and said her favorite part of the weekend was hiking.

“Hiking was not only walking through the mountains. You meet different people along the road and you discuss, talk, laugh, make jokes,” she said.

Khedija, another attendee, also had positive feedback about how organized and enjoyable the camping experience was.

“What I liked the most was the bonfire, meeting a lot of new people and being reunited with old friends.”

The plan is host this type of camp annual, alternating between Northern and Southern California, to continue building the bond of sisterhood and enhancing each other’s lives.