EMC Roadshow Tour: Dallas and D.C.

Categories: Local Communities

EMC kicked off their national roadshow tour in effort to visit local communities across the country. Camilia Aberra, EMC Chair, said the goal is for the board to be on the ground and get acquainted with local communities, their needs and what they are trying to achieve.

“How can we align with what they’re trying to do?” she said.

On April 19, the board held their mid-year meeting in Dallas, the site of the upcoming convention to meet with the convention organizers and community leaders. There was a luncheon and presentation introducing EMC and the various programs and opportunities to get involved. It was a productive feedback session that attracted 50 people.

In D.C., the local youth members organized their own group and had a special family gathering inviting the whole community to come learn about their goals and mission. They held a benefit dinner at an Afghan restaurant, which over 200 people attended. The evening was full of skits and performances and comedy. Camilia spoke on behalf of EMC, sharing how proud the board is of the work the youth are doing and to see a strong local community be able to empower their youth to step into a position of leadership and be accountable to their community.

Next stops on the roadshow tour inshallah are Ontario and Toronto later this year. This will be a special opportunity to reengage the communities where past EMC conventions have been held.

If you are interested in having the board visit your community and connect over your projects, email us at info@erimc.org!