Building an Eritrean Muslim Community Center

Categories: Local Communities

When a community reaches a certain size and wants to be better organized, intentional and prepared for its growth, an idea of building a community center comes up. And with that thought comes several questions that needs to be answered like:

  • Why do we need a community center?
  • What can a community center do for us?
  • How can we meet the growing, diverse needs of our local communities?
  • How can we afford to build a center?

Hence, EMC is proud to share with you a development plan to provide some ideas and strategies to help you answer those questions. We are excited to be working with the Atlanta community this year to support their goal of building a center, but we want everyone to have the opportunity to dream big and create a plan that will best serve your needs.

Take a look at the plan with your leadership and members. We invite you to ask us questions and give us your feedback so we can share knowledge and best practices.

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