The Eritrean Muslims Council annual report provides a detailed account of the organization’s projects that were completed in the last few years. The report serves multiple objectives; share with the EMC membership the results of those projects and evaluate the projects which in its turn helps EMC strategize and execute its vision for empowering the Eritrean Muslim community.

In this year’s report, we are focusing on 4 areas; monthly halaqa, charity projects, EMC Facebook page, and EMC website. The first two are very relevant and important to the community as a whole while the latter two are more for EMC board of directors and executives.

In the report, we share some interesting statistics and observations about the monthly halaqa that is organized by EMC Sisters’ Group since January 2013. We shed a light on the most recent charity projects that were executed in terms the funds they collected and for what they were used. The donations collected for those feature charity projects totals more than $80,000. Moreover, we take a look at EMC social media and outreach programs via Facebook and its website.

While this report is not an exhaustive list of all what EMC does year-to-year, it does provide a good sampling of its general objectives of empowering Eritrean Muslim communities. For example, EMC has execute a lot more charity projects since its founding (estimated at 20+ projects) but we only included 9 of them in this report. We do plan to share more of those projects in the upcoming reports.


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