Have you found that your work life has become routine? Uninspiring and without challenges? Each day looks like the last?

You might have hit a plateau. You’re feeling stuck and need a change. I know that feeling. It happens not just at work but in our daily lives and even during our workouts. Where our efforts feel like they’re falling short. But this is normal and it’s easy to get out of.

I came across this great article that looks at how we first find ourselves hitting a plateau and how do we assertively get out of it. Here are a few of the ‘elements’ that make up hitting a plateau and solutions to shake things up and get back on track.

Element 1 – Immunity: The mundanes of day to day life can make you immune. Immune to new ideas, immune to inspiration which all leads to a grey outlook.
Solution – diversity: change up your scenery. Even if it means changing the furniture in your office, trying an art class in the evenings, reading new books, etc. Insert change and try new things to transform your outlook.

Element 2 – Greedy Algorithm: This idea is pulled from mathematics and it states that you always pick the best short-term solution and ignore the long-term outcome. Taking the easy road never allows you to learn and grow.
Solution: Work on the tasks that will challenge you and may even scare you. Try to map out long term goals and challenge yourself at work to take on new tasks.

Element 3- Bad Timing: Sometimes you have to walk away from the drawing board to find a new solution. And forcing yourself to find a solution can just lead to stress.
Solution: Walk away for a bit. Whether it’s a vacation, staycation or just a quiet weekend. Things always look brighter after a bit of rest and relief.

If you’re feeling that things are getting dull and you need to make a change, hope some of these solutions help you out.