So it’s that time of year when everyone starts talking about New Year resolutions. Thinking of bad habits to knock, new habits to adopt, friendships to rekindle or fade away, countries to visit and new experiences to gain. New chapters can drum up feelings of excitement. Excitement for the unknown and possibility of greatness. I hope everyone harnesses that excitement to unlock all that 2017 holds for each and everyone of us.

If you’re wondering what resolutions or goals you’d like to manifest for the new year, here are someĀ  questions to trigger ideas depending on which path you’re on professionally:


Are you thinking of changing roles at work?
Are you up for a raise this year? If not, will you ask for one?
Are there any new projects you’d like to work on?Have there been any areas of improvement from the previous year?


How on-track are you towards acquiring your credits for this year?
Are you taking classes that interest you?
Is there a class that you wish you could take but haven’t found a way to fit it in?
Are there any research opportunities you could be chasing? If yes, what’s holding you back?
Do you have a mentor or guidance counselor that you can check in with through-out the year to help guide you?

No matter where you are on the path of your professional life, taking the time to plan out your next steps will bring you closer to your success. Even if it’s just a plan for the next three months, mapping out what you want to do and how you’re going to get there makes you better prepared for what comes and puts you in charge of how your life unfolds. Instead of letting things happen to you and passively trying to stay above water, without gaining any traction towards the goals that you’ve dreamed about.

Wishing you all the best for 2017.