Are You Ready for EMC in Dallas?

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Asalam Alaykum!

My name is Hanaa Tahir and I am a new EMC Board Member and also involved in the planning of the annual EMC Conference. I have lived in Dallas, Texas all my life and have been involved with my local Eritrean Muslim community.

I began to attend the Annual EMC conference a few years ago and became inspired by the sense of community.

I dove right in and have been getting my feet pretty wet. I joined the EMC board at the last conference and have since been actively planning the 2015 conference which will be held in my city.

My main focus has been on the youth and planning the Youth Leadership Retreat/Camp which will take place on July 29th-30th.

We have a great campsite with cabins, a dining hall, and plenty of activities. Don’t worry, the cabins come with A/C and wifi will be available! There will be team building challenges, group discussions and outdoor activities such as zip-lining and archery. It will be a great way for Eritrean Muslim youth from all over to come together. The great aspect of the camp is that is organized by the youth. It has allowed our local youth to gather and engage and has brought us closer together.

We hope to create a successful event and can’t wait to see everyone this summer!

PS: If you have any ideas for workshops or group activities, please feel free to email me at