Building Community at the 2015 EMC Convention

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Alhamdullilah, the 2015 EMC Convention was a great success thanks to our wonderful, hard working hosts, board members and hundreds of engaged attendees.

The humidity and heat didn’t stop everyone from coming together with big smiles and open ears to discuss pressing communication issues in our families, work places and communities. Check out the highlights below and look at more pictures in our Dallas convention gallery.

EMC Youth Leadership Retreat


A collage the campers made of their time together

Before the official convention, the youth had a two day retreat in Dallas for some bonding, fun outdoor sports and leadership activities.

Iman Siraj, one of the campers, said, “QUOTE.”






Day 1

Featured speakers for the first convention day were Sheikh Ismael Mukhtar and

EMC Professional Networking where participants connect with people from different fields and hobbies









Day 2

It was Cultural Day today so we saw so many beautiful outfits from the attendees, young and old, men and women.


Sheikh Yasser Fazaga led a main discussion on marriage and then a smaller youth focused one, allowing various opinions and misconceptions to be addressed in a safe and respectful space.


For entertainment night, the DC and Arizona youth each shared a comedy video they filmed. Here’s one of the videos you can watch and share with your family and friends!

Picnic Day



Next year’s convention will be in Atlanta, Georgia so if you missed this year’s you definitely don’t want to miss out again. Stay tuned for the dates!